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The Great White Hoax
Donald Trump and the Politics of Race and Class in America

The Great White Hoax - Donald Trump and the Politics of Race and Class in America
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Very biased.

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As someone who has daily had to overcome the topics of this movie I certainly had a deep appreciation and many, many lean forward moments. It's a must see..I liked it a lot.

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Phenomenal documentary reviewing the frightening trend towards overt racism in the US since the rise of Trump. It also provides hope by highlighting the actions and movements which have mobilized to resist this trend.

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A tremendous documentary that intricately presents the intersection of race, ethnicity, class, and sex in a very easily understood, cohesive way.

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I watched this because of it's racist title and it was every bit as racist as it's title. Everything about President Trump was spun to make him sound racist witch is nothing new. How unoriginal. It's scares me that Tim Wise is teaching this kind of garbage to America's youth. Don't bother ...Read more

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It would be better if you can open your eyes and mind to listen the truth. I am angry that people can be this stupid or ignorant to choose a racist for president. i just have sympathy for you and nothing more. BE HUMAN.

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David, I would encourage you to do some reading about the persistent history of racism in the US which has systematically disenfranchised people of color since it's inception. There are really phenomenal books out there that can help you discover the history that is rarely covered in basic ...Read more

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A great, deep and well researched documentary.

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