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Leave Me Alone

Leave Me Alone
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Workplace Bullying
Highlights the importance of identifying a bully and handling bullying cases properly.
Are You With Me? - Telephone Courtesy
From making and taking calls, to transferring calls and putting people on hold, to taking and leaving messages, Are You With Me? connects all the rules of telephone courtesy to a single, simple, easy-to-remember concept: Treat the person on the other end of the line as though they were right…
Communication In A Wired World: Be Smart Be Safe
Online and mobile technologies profoundly influence how we read, write, learn and work. Online behaviour follows us all through our schooling and careers. Explore skills for communicating smartly across many digital technologies, how multitasking affects learning and work and how online posts can become skeletons in a digital closet, causing…
Induction Series
21 induction video topics on OHS training. These short toolbox style induction videos are used in 100s of Australian companies - big and small - you are making a great choice.
Manual Handling Healthcare Series
A manual handling training program produced specifically for the healthcare industry. This series covers a range of areas including catering, non-clinical, sterilisation, peri-operative, resident handling and patient handling.
Common Purpose - Getting from Me to We by Joel Kurtzman
Part of the Series: Stanford Executive Briefings
Companies that achieve and sustain exceptional results over time are rare. Those that do are made up of people united by a common purpose--one that fosters hard work, sacrifice, and exemplary performance to accomplish the goals of the organization. Their leaders, whether at Disney, Google, or Staples, inspire a palpable…
Visual Merchandising
Shows how to build effective visual merchandising presentations. Includes the design principles of emphasis, line, balance, and color. Display arrangements of pyramid, step, zigzag, repetition, and radiation. Design precepts of harmony, contrast, and unity. Special topics include the use of label merchandise in displays, layering, and trend stations. Includes over…
Stock Market Basics: Learning Without Losing
Give your students the "So You Think You Understand Stocks" test. They will quickly see they have a lot to learn. We found many teachers managed to answer only about half the questions correctly. Stock Market Basics really is about the basics. This is not a program about puts and…
The Art of Listening
Teach the seven laws of better listening! A coffee shop provides the setting for two college students to watch and discuss their video class project on the on the most basic of skills, listening. We spend more time listening than any activity except breathing, yet we listen at only a…
Buying & Selling: How Trading Shapes Our World
Meet Randall, one of 20 million people worldwide shopping for a shirt on any given day. Amazingly, he and the 19,999,999 others find a shirt they want to buy. Who'sbehind this remarkable system that supplies shirts, food, shelter and most other desires of daily life?
Customer Service Basics: Service with a Smile
In this humorous video that is reminiscent of "The Office", join the employees of the fictitious Lucky Star Coffee Company as they learn about customer service. Mark, the shop manager, thinks he'll be leading a training seminar on good customer service. And why wouldn't he, since he knows everything to…
Management Training Series
This series of management training videos covers a range of professional development topics for the modern workplace environment.