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No Men Beyond This Point

No Men Beyond This Point
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It takes balls to go from an amusing premise to actually making an amusing movie. I loved the acting and the characters. Watch it the right way and it's good fun. I'll certainly recommend it to others.

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Cute and silly, makes men out to be lazy dunces who just want meals handed to them, rather than violent control freaks (which the movie ascribes to women). I suggest watching it at 1.5x speed as it is very slowly paced.

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It's flattering to call this some luney's hypothesis... more like a big waste of time!! can't watch more than 3 minutes... i am puking!!!

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Very good movie. It was part Children of Men (movie) and Y: The Last Man (comic). Those are worth checking out if you liked this, or vice versa.

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Very entertaining viewing.

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Uses humor to take basic walks of life and put them in each others shoes. It takes both feminist and LGBT issues and puts them in light. I liked it a lot.

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so very timely gives 1 pausein this day and age,

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Really slow-moving attempt to satirize a role reversal but it doesn't work on so many levels. I watched about 30 minutes of it before looking for something else. As a feminist and double-major in history and womens' studies, I love the idea of exploring how the world would be different if ...Read more

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I agree with your analysis, but I still found it amusing, however intellectually limited.

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Interesting and humorous story that explores the question: "What if women had the power and men were secondary -- even headed for extinction?" Also, what if heterosexuality was not the norm -- even considered deviant? Puts us in the shoes of contemporary groups that are fighting for ...Read more

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Thank you so much to the Kanopy staff for recommending this film in the comments section of The Red Pill, which really threw me, and this provided some smiles and relief!

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This is pretty hilarious. A welcomed laugh after watching something like "The Red Pill" !

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Thank you for the recommendation. The Red Pill documentary was very important to me, and very difficult, as well. You are right, this is a great way to calm down after watching Cassies's documentary.

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