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The Orchestra

The Orchestra
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This little film struck the right note. It was profound in its own way. The animation is old-fashioned, and I thought that this was an older film. I liked that the orchestras were playing the music of the soul, music that the world could hear. It was a welcome change from how we usually ...Read more

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An orchestra of emotions is in all of us, often playing out of tune. It's not until we break out of our fears, confront and challenge them that we truly feel in harmony with ourselves and with others. A delightful film.

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I really like this. I will watch it again.

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This sweet little gem warmed my heart. It has all of the elements good story telling.

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As a former band geek, this short little animation was so cute and lovely! I wish I could give it a hug.

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Excellent story, beautiful music and sound

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This was magical

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I loved it! Very sweet.

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