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The Silent Child

The Silent Child
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Outstanding short. Drives home potential positive impact professional help can have with special needs children. Also the lasting isolation that can occur without adequate family understanding and support.

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Beautiful film! I'm hard of hearing I was able do okay with mainstream but socially I was isolated. Sign language is so important for all don't deny access to sign language it will open up their world.

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Outstanding film !!!

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Amazing film. I didn't want it to end!

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Honey Lane

Beautiful film.

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Velos y

Been looking at studying sign language and am even more inspired now. I hope this is widely viewed and that people will take time to understand what it might be like to be hearing impaired, or vision impaired, for that matter. Take not for granted your own gifts of intact senses if you have ...Read more

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Heart breaking film demonstrating that ignorance and misinformation can have life-long consequences, either by being able to participate in the world or be a lonely observer.

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The short film is very touching.

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Broke my heart

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I cried.

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This short film is so moving and touching.

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Excellent film. Well acted

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It touched my soul. Lovely story.

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So beautiful & moving.

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As someone studying to become a Special Educator, it breaks my heart to see this type of abuse against children who are perfectly capable of achieving so much, but who are denied the resources they desperately need because people who don't understand their disability or condition *think* they ...Read more

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This is a powerful short with incredible acting performances. While the film addresses the experiences of a deaf young girl as she prepares to enter school for the first time, THE SILENT CHILD is also about family dynamics, harmful pride and it's origins in deep-seated insecurity, and the ...Read more

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