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Small Apartments

Small Apartments
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Funny pathos turns out well for the underdogs who help each other.Usual imbalance between male and female roles, male roles more importance, complexity and interest and the female roles accessory.. used to it but tired of it. Good anyway. My fave Billy Krystal and Dolf L. roles, good ...Read more

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What a strange movie. Great characters. I would not watch or recommend. Dark Comedy miss.

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Awful. Just awful.

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Really enjoyed this, quirky, funny and with a message.....

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A good movie that has a lot to say about life. Too bad some of you morons can't or won't see what is directly in front of your own faces. This dark comedy documents and comments so well on the human condition. It's a perfect little gem. Try re-seeing it for all it has to say.

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What a pathetically poor movie.. A waste of film and the viewers time. Made it almost 20 minutes in thinking it had to improve, WRONG! anymore.

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Not the worst movie I've ever seen but I wouldn't waste your time watching this unless you're super-into the gross and absurd.

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if you know life, you would really appreciate the story line of this movie. I have been watching movies quite all days, all weeks and just to pass time, so I watch movies. And I'm so glad i came across & watched this amazing movie. it touched me. Thank you.

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I don't know why people are so negative about it. The Billy Crystal and James Caen chars were great. I found the ending to be quite uplifting. I liked it.

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The worst movie I have ever seen!!

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Black comedy, good cast.

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Watched 1 min an it is enough to label it "disgusting taste"

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Might be the worst film ever made.

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No humour whatsoever.

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The PITS!!!

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